Our Quality Promise

At Stylecraft, we believe that quality custom jewelry is one of the finest ways for a company or organization to inspire and reward achievement.
Throughout history, jewelry has been chosen as one of the most meaningful and cherished vehicles to acknowledge success, accomplishment and approval. And for good reasons, jewelry makes a lasting statement. It represents a rare combination of quality, value, style and is symbolic of attainment. Jewelry, as corporate identification and an award, has a personal character unique to all others.

Stylecraft was built around the belief that recognizing excellence and accomplishment is the foundation of any successful company or organization. Over the past half century we have dedicated ourselves to perfecting the jewelers art of recognition though our skilled designers and craftsmen. Quality is not just a word or a hope... quality is our way of life and is crafted by hand in every piece of jewelry we create.
Located in New England, our hallmark is a level of quality that goes beyond the product, including personalized service and guidance that is second to none. Every piece of handcrafted jewelry is fully guaranteed against any defects in craftsmanship and should a problem occur, it will be repaired or replaced at no charge given normal wear.

Because our jewelry products are completely custom designed, they offer a virtually limitless variety of choices regarding accessories and combinations. It may be useful to think of our products in five basic categories:

    Belt buckles, coins and medallions
    Accessories to which we affix emblems
    Unique designs limited only by the imagination

Our uncommon expertise includes vast manufacturing capabilities that boast of every method of jewelry production.Please contact us to be your guide in the creation of the perfect piece or program for your organization.Stylecraft, the jewelers art of recognition.

Stylecraft is Ready to Meet Your Corporate Recognition Needs.